As a small business owner who works with people, you might be surprised to know that my favorite compliments don't come from the likes and comments made famous by social media platforms, although I do believe they are important. In fact, I was lead to believe these social media platforms helped create lasting relationships with my audience. While this has been true for me in many ways, I'm an old-fashioned girl. I believe in nurturing relationships by talking to my clients and getting to know them through more authentic, in-person connections. If it's our first-time meeting each other, I send my inquiries questionnaires to help get our conversation started and see if we're the right fit. Sometimes, though, I've known my clients as friends before they ever step in front of my camera.

As in the case with this sweet family. I met them years ago when our kids were just starting preschool. We saw each other a couple of times a week during drop off, joined our local MOPS chapter, and even started a book club together before she asked me to photograph her family for Christmas cards. The connection was natural and since having them in front of the camera year after year, everyone is really comfortable around me and I'm able to maximize their session time allowing for more images in thier gallery.

Clients and photographer friends have asked how I'm able to deliver more images in my mini sessions when I haven't added time to them. Truth is, it's the relationships I have with my clients. In time or in my questionnaires, I learn about important connections in your family, what the occasion is for the photo session, if you have any concerns when being photographed, and maybe even how the location is sentimental.

If you are in the process of finding a family photographer, I encourage you to start building a relationship with them by following their social media and commenting, answering their initial questionnaires when inquiring, and using whatever resources they have after booking to help make your session successful. This gives us an idea of who you and your family are as well as any expectations you have for them.

Take a scroll and check out this sweet family's 20 minute session. I love that I was able to deliver so many poses, configurations, and little background change.