Location, location, location...

One of the first questions I ask my clients is where they would like to have their session. Most clients come with a generic answer like the beach or historic site in their town. However, I push the question a bit more to try help my clients choose a location, even if they are set locations during mini session season, that better tells their story. For example, as you can see below, working with the Mauricias is really easy. Not only are they gorgeous, but they are easy going and connect well with each other on and off camera. They would fit perfectly in any location. Since I want them to be able to tell a story, choosing the right location makes for a better experience.

One of the ways to accomplish these captured connections is by choosing a place that is comfortable and somewhat familiar to the client. Here, I recommended this spot in Del Mar because the view of the beach as you scroll down was the beach I first met their daughter and captured their first professional images as a family of 3. She was teeny tiny! It was fun to tell her that story as we stood on the cliff and pointed out toward that beach. Hopefully, she comes back with good, positive memories of that place.

Another way I help choose a location specific to my client is asking them where they have celebrated other big events before. A couple came to me a few years ago wanting to book a maternity session. We chatted about what they liked to do together, where they hang out, and if they've had professional photos done before. The last time they had photos done was their wedding, which is very common. What's cool though was they had their wedding at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. I suggested we do their maternity session there as a full circle life event being captured for them. They loved the idea and knew it would be great for storytelling later on.

The next time you are booked to have professional photos done, take advantage of the opportunity by talking with your photographer and thinking about a location that would really help tell the story of your family.