We have your back.

Families come in all shapes and sizes, changing and evolving as time goes by. One thing is for sure though, family is knowing that people have your back no matter what.

This family is no exception when it came to getting together to catch some high school senior photos for their graduate. I can imagine this year has been more than "extra" with the limitations on school and sports. In fact, this sweet mom found me through our local swim team where her graduating son trains. My daughters swim in the younger groups, but we're a humble, strong team with a dedicated group of members.

Like our team this year, this family has gone through some changes. While not easy, it stood out to me how important it was for these parents to prioritize their kids and show up for them. Parenting is truly a team effort and whether or not everyone is under one roof, having strong parents who you witness work together as a team, as well as individually, for you is testimony to how much they love and are dedicated to you no matter what. As a parent, I understand this is not easy. As once a child, I love my parents even more.

I hope these photos remind all of them that teamwork is essential and they are so blessed to have a family who has each other's backs. As the saying goes, "Teamwork makes the dream work."