Staycation at it's best...

There's nothing like living in a neighborhood that feels like a vacation everyday and I was so lucky to capture this sweet crew doing what they love.

A short walk from their home brought us to one of the popular family beach spots and these kiddos couldn't wait to run, play, and catch some surf. It wasn't long before mom and dad joined them in the water.

One of my favorite takeaways from their session was their trust in allowing me to capture them with little direction only to remind mom and dad to stay close to each other and walk in certain directions toward me. For the most part, the kids took charge in exploring, playing, and hugging their parents. It resulted in authentic emotions and connections captured with the goal of images that "stopped time" of who they were in these days.

I was told once, "the days are long, but the years go by fast." Isn't that so true...

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