FAQ: Families

What is your photography style?

My goal is to capture the beauty of you and your family in the best natural light.
This begins the moment you book me and sign up to receive my exclusive style guide. A phone chat to discuss your dream location, ideal time, and outfits (oh my!) follows. You may want to text me ideas and outfits on the days leading up to your session if you just need a second opinion.
On the day of, we start with posed, portrait photography to get some of the important groupings out of the way. This also gives us a chance to get acquainted and comfortable before letting loose and moving onto some candid, natural fun.
Within 3 weeks, you'll be invited to a private viewing gallery where you'll have the opportunity to download your personally curated and processed images.

How do I get ready for my session?

I will provide you with my exclusive client Camera-Ready Guide to get you started with the right outfit ideas for the occasion, location, and time you chose for your session. From there, we work together in telling the story about your family connections either with an activity or props.

What's the difference between a seasonal mini and full family session?

Great question! A seasonal mini is the perfect session to book if you are looking to print the images for holiday announcements or update your social media outlets.
A full session is customized to showcase your family's personality. The time allows for posed images as well as candids and various groupings. The client may also want 2 locations and/or outfit changes which this session time may allow.

Where are you based and do you travel?

I am based in sunny San Clemente, California, located right in the middle of Los Angeles and San Diego. I'm within 10 miles of some of the most gorgeous coastline and open fields in Southern California.
However, with a good audio book or podcast, I don't mind a road trip! With a small travel fee, I am able to capture your most important milestones at your favorite spot.
$50 for Temecula, Murrieta, and San Diego north of Interstate 8.
$75 for south of Interstate 8 and Coronado.
$150 for up to central Los Angeles and Palm Springs.

Do you charge a location fee and/or photography permits?

I do not. However, the city and/or location you chose may require a location fee and/or photography permit. I can assist you in inquiring about those fees and getting the application(s) started.

Are you insured?

Some locations require the photographer have insurance.
Yes. I have property and liability insurance with Hill & Usher.

What's the difference between a copyright and print release?

A copyright, in this case, is owned by the photographer who has the exclusive rights to determine how the image(s) is processed, displayed, and distributed. The copyright legally belongs to the photographer unless it is agreed to be signed away.
A print release gives the client permission to reproduce the copyrighted image(s) for their own personal use. This includes printing and sharing images with family, friends, and/or social media. (Tagging your photographer is graciously requested.)
However, none of the image(s) may be altered in any way, including using filters and cropping, be claimed as your own work, and/or be used for commercial gain.