Did you say you were bringing your horse?

I can't describe to you how excited I was to photograph Danielle for senior photos, who I met briefly when photographing the high school seniors at Capistrano Valley Christian Schools. I remembered her being very sweet and a bit shy in the short moment I met her, so it was fun to get to know her more and meet her childhood friend, her horse! Since it had just rained, she shared he didn't like the dampness and may be a bit mischievous during our session.

Well...I have to say that I was speechless.

Her horse was huge! And so funny! You can tell he had a personality of his own and he was ready to show it. I'm pretty sure he thought it was a photo session for him, by the way he smiled! Yes...BIG, TOOTHY smiles. You couldn't help but laugh along with him. I loved capturing their connection, one forged since she was just a young girl.

Another connection that had my heart was with her mom, Jessica. While I understand how teenagers need their space, I couldn't help but give them the excuse to hold each other's hands and get close and hug. As a mom of two girls myself, I'm realizing how these moments don't come often enough and I take every chance I get to snuggle in with them when they let me.

With that, congratulations to Danielle and the class of 2022!